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Feel like your aging has accelerated?

Want a natural way to lose weight and feel younger?

Wish you had more energy to get through your busy schedule?

I have great news!

Your body naturally works to detox your cells, keeping you young and healthy. This process is called:


What is Autophagy?

Autophagy removes and recycles cellular waste.

When Autophagy is impaired, cellular waste accumulates. This leads to signs of aging and diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer’s and Diabetes.

But you can boost the process, keeping cells healthy.

Glow15 gives you the autophagy activating tools to keep you looking and feeling young.

How does it benefit you?

Effortless Weight Loss

An innovative combination of intermittent fasting and protein cycling to lose weight effortlessly.


Build your confidence. Build your muscle.


Feel more alert and focused. Achieve more throughout the day.


Take action to prevent illness. Stay at your very best.

Natural Beauty Brilliant

Get glowing, ageless, revitalized skin. Take on the world feeling powerful within.

Hi, I’m Naomi Whittel

I’ve spent the last 7 years working with some of the greatest minds in science to create an autophagy activating plan to unlock your youth.

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What you’ll learn in this book

Research and advice from doctors, dermatologists, sleep experts, nutritionists and fitness physiologists.

Get step-by-step guideline for each part of this easy-to-follow program

Over 50 delicious recipes with ingredients to unlock your natural health

Easy, illustrated exercises you can do at home

People are talking about Glow 15

“The first plan that’s worked for me”

“Glow15 changed my life - and my body! I lost almost 10 pounds in the first 15 days, and by the next 15 days my body fat percentage went down 3% and my waist was 3 inches smaller. Until my late 30s, I didn’t really worry about my weight – but two kids, and too much eating off their plates later – and the pounds just started creeping up. I got to a point where I almost didn’t recognize myself. I tried a few things, but I didn’t see the results fast enough, so I gave up. And then I tried Glow15-- and the changes were almost immediate. Everything about this plan was new for me. First of all, it worked - that was new (ha). A lot of the autophagy-activating foods were new: I’m 46 years old and I had never had an avocado - I didn’t even know how to cut it. And quinoa was new too -- I still can’t pronounce it correctly and forget about spelling it - but I love to cook it. I didn’t actually believe the numbers on my scale - they went down so quickly. People at work started asking what I was doing differently and telling me how great I looked. Now they have to listen to me ‘fake complain’ about my clothes being too big! Even my bra is bigger - but in a good way, I’m perkier now!”

Kerry, 46

Palm Harbor, FL

“I’m a better version of myself”

“I think I spent the first week of Glow15 feeling guilty. I had a really hard time putting myself first - whether it was my food, my workout, my sleep schedule - it was tough not to feel like whatever I did was at the expense of someone else. I run our family business and feel responsible for my parents not only emotionally, but monetarily because I know it’s their only source of income. My three kids, ages 16,11, and 2, all need things at different times, and my husband, he helps, but, I’m the one constantly doing everything for everyone else. Still, just like I am committed to my family, I committed to Glow15. And the most amazing thing happened: I became a better daughter, a better mother and a better wife. I was more engaged. I was calmer. I was a better version of me. This didn’t happen overnight. The workouts were hard, but they slowly got easier. I stopped feeling like I just needed to make it through and started reveling in the challenge of each new exercise. The low days were tough, and sometimes still are, but I like knowing the high day is less than 24 hours away. And I’m seeing the difference. My clothes are looser, and my body is tighter. I lost six pounds and two inches off my waist in just 15 days, And I literally see a difference when I look in the mirror. I have rosacea and my face is normally red and splotchy. Now, like my demeanor, it’s calmer. I need less makeup. Glow15 has helped me to glow - inside and out.”

Margaret, 48

Palm Harbor, FL

“No more love handles”

“For me, Glow15 succeeded where everything else failed. As long as I can remember, I’ve fought the fat around my stomach - and no matter what I tried...foods, exercises, wishing and hoping(!) I kept losing the battle. Before Glow15 , I had not so endearingly referred to the flesh hanging over my jeans as ‘love handles.’ I wore big shirts and never tucked them into my pants for fear someone would see the bulges. My control top stockings tightened my breath and circulation more than my tummy, but I depended on them too. Not anymore -- while I need to go shopping for smaller size clothing, my new hip bones (who knew they were under there?!) are holding my pants up! I’m not going to pretend this was an easy overnight change - Intermittent Fasting made me ‘hangry’- and Protein Cycling took some getting used to - but I kept at it and lost over 7 pounds in 15 days. More than that, I took 4 inches off my waist (yes, I’m tucking my shirts in now!), lost over 4% of my body fat, and decreased my body mass by 2%. GLOW15 is no longer just a plan for me, it is my lifestyle. Every Sunday I prepare for the upcoming week. I use the shopping list for activating foods and try putting my spin on recipes. Plus, I always fill two muffin tins with an Egg15 recipe (so far, my favorite is adding cheese on high days and peppers and onions on low days)-- and I love that those are now the only ‘muffin tops’ in my home!”

Shawn, 46

Clearwater, FL

“I like myself more now, and I’m more hopeful than I’ve ever been about love.”

“I’ve always been a little heavier than I should be - plus, I’m over 30 and a single mom - that in itself makes dating a struggle. Then, I’d compare myself to all the younger, thinner, fitter, women and I felt like I didn’t measure up. So, I gave up. I gave up the singles scene, I gave up on the online matchmaking sites, I gave up flirting and I gave up trying to date. I was about to give up on myself when I was convinced to try Glow15. I really appreciated how the plan was laid out - I not only found what to eat, but when to eat; and same thing with exercise - it outlined not only what to do, but when to do it - and why. I understood and appreciated the principles behind the plan. And I liked how I could easily make it work with my busy life. And for the first time in a long time, I liked my measurements. I didn’t even lose a lot of weight, but I did lose inches: 3 inches off my thighs, 4 inches in my shoulders, and more all over: my chest, my waist, my hips. Glow15 gave me a confidence I didn’t think was be possible, let alone in only 15 days. I like myself more now, and I’m more hopeful than I’ve ever been about love.”

Sarah, 33

Palm Harbor, FL

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"Naomi is one of a kind, a wellness warrior. Besides her incredible success in the natural products industry, she has a gift for making complex science understandable and relevant. Glow15 is a product of her work with leading doctors and researchers to create a program that essentially hack your biology to help you look, feel and perform your best."

Sanjay Gupta, MD

American Neurosurgeon and Medical Reporter

"Naomi Whittel just revealed what science has been working on for decades - the key to the fountain of youth is autophagy! Glow15 is a must-read for anyone who wants to look and feel younnger."

Dr Kellyann Petrucci

New York Times best-selling author of The Bone Broth Diet

"As a health and wellness advocate, I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to improve my health and that of others. Naomi Whittel’s debut book Glow15 offers just that. The well-researched and comprehensive book applies the science of autophagy to wellness, offering practical tips and tricks for improving your health through diet, exercise, and sleep. Whether you’re aiming to look better or feel better (and who isn’t?), I highly recommend Glow15."

Montel Williams

Television Personality, Radio Talk Show Host, and Actor

"Glow15 is the book we have been waiting for. Through clear and practical strategies based on exciting new science, Naomi Whittel maps out how we age and how to slow—and even reverse—the aging process. If you find yourself aging year by year (which means all of us), then this book is for you."

Mark Hyman, MD

Director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine and #1 New York Times best-selling author of Eat Fat, Get Thin.

"Groundbreaking! Naomi puts the latest science on fat loss and fasting into a simple to follow plan that will help you lose the weight and de-age!"

JJ Virgin

Celebrity nutrition and fitness expert, four-time New York Times bestselling author


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